The Importance of Consistency at Enterprise Level

It happened again. Dinner was going to be late on a school night.

“I thought you turned the oven on!” I say to my frustrated and perplexed wife.

“I did!”

“So… it’s not on. Care to explain?”

“Here — I’ll do exactly what I did before.”

So I watched her, and she did. And as she watched herself do it, she set the oven to Bake, entered the number of degrees on the keypad, and promptly hit the clearly marked red Cancel button:

Our Electrolux oven keypad

“Huh,” she said. “That’s stupid”

Ok, what she actually said is not appropriate for transcription in a…

This is the core of a Product-Led Growth strategy. This strategy can work exceptionally well for some enterprise products, but it requires a low bar for adoption of and easy trial, a seamless user journey from awareness to adoption, and then very strong support to help those grass-roots users go from adoption to evangelism, which is where the biggest effects come in. For more details on this, the Openview Partners article is a solid look at how they define PLG - which is one we have been following in our efforts at Akamai:

[NOTE: This is an article I wrote in early 1993 based on an interview with Mike Gordon, the bassist for Phish. It appeared in the Nov. 1993 edition of Bass Player Magazine, re-titled “Mike Gordon: Curling Nose Hairs With Phish.” Since it has been nearly impossible to find a transcript of this article, I am publishing it here for the sake of completion for the Phish community. Yeah, that’s me in the middle; don’t judge… it was the early 90s and I was a Phish freak.

As the world moves in a DevOps/API direction, Developer Experience (DX) and API Experience (APX) are becoming real things for the UX/HCI communities to wrestle with. What does a developer audience want? How do we support products with few or no UIs that are within our control?

At Akamai Technologies, we have acknowledged the first aspect by bringing aboard Nick Tran and having him create a team devoted to this work around our own APIs.

Since I’m working with the Rapid/Akamai API Gateway team — which is not just about delivering our APIs, but delivering our APIs to developers so…

I just read an excellent piece by Michael Thompson, effectively about how to be more “likable” without taking up more social space and by being a thoughtful person. It is a wonderful set of reminders and suggestions for how to be perceived in a good light by others and simultaneously spread more positivity in this world that so sorely needs it, especially right now. Kindness, thoughtfulness, and attention can still go a long way towards healing some of what we are in.

We definitely need to consider context, however. Likability — and I might say just being a good and…

Matthew Laurence

Principal UX designer and leader; compassionate manager; enterprise enthusiast; one-man video department. Oh, and post-professional bassist.

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